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Healthcare Hub based in historical Clearwater area!

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Breaks Blood Brain Barrier Bringing Nutrients Along!
Begins Neurogenic Progress-Protects Cerebral Tissue!
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BIOTIC Pro-Biotic digestive enzyme arriving Fall 2017!
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Personally Published by PudMed-Proven Ingredients!
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Phenomenal Functional Foods-Potent Phytonutrients! 
Positive Purpose Driven People & Extensive Expertise!
Protects Physical Tissue Through High-Tech Evolution!

ORAC-Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Certified! 
Authentic FDA Inspected Labs & FTC Resale Approval!
Accredited by NIH-PubMed-Mayo Clinic's Foundation!
Agricultural Food Chemistry-Journal Medicinal Foods

Antioxidant Amazing Xanthones Correct Cancer Cells!
Anti-Allergy and Antihistimine and AntiInflammatory!
Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal in GML
Angiogenic Ingredient Increase & Immunotherapeutic!

Anti-Viral Fighter Found-Food & Chemical Toxicology! 
Avoid Zika's Potential Long Lasting Effects of Exposure Via NIH!
Virus Symptom Details & Scientific Data Validity Here!

Official-STATE OF FLORIDA Nutritional Supplier Too!
Orders Placed Directly For Products Described Herein.
United Nations Standard Product Services As Of 11/16!
United Forces Suppliers of Complimentary Med 10/17!
Strong Allies All American Military Veteran Branches!
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Wonderful "Espiritu Santo Springs" of The Holy Spirit!
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ZRII(tm) Serum Sensational Science!
Customers Can Directly Access Amakali's Liquid Form!
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Calm & Reconnect Neurotransmitters Amino Acid Pro!
Correct Hormonal Imbalance On Adaptogenic Serums! 

Chopra Center Endorsed by Medical Endocrinologist   Dr. Deepak Chopra-a
Consult Our Scientific Advisory Board-Ayurvedic MDs!
Curbs Cravings To Manage And Lower Cortisol Levels!

Certified Complete Chopra Center Carlsbad California!
Coffees Containing Himalayan Freeze-Dried Formulas! 

Commercial Shows Accredited Ayurveda Effectiveness!  Zrii Rise* Premium Instant Coffee!

Sensational Biorhythm Skincare! MicroMelt Blend(tm) LiquidLight(tm) Technology! Formulated in the Finest Quality with Lipids & Ceramides-Advanced Integration Ayurveda Provides!  Order ZriiNew **

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