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branched chain amino acids for fuel-calcium support
strong bones, CLA-Conjugated Linoleic Acid-delicious!

Instantaneously Increasing Immune System Strength! 
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Bodacious Bod-e Burn provides exclusive Resveratrol!
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Potently Penetrates Cells-Breaks Blood Brain Barrier!
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Help Yourself To The Finest Health- In 2009 MFMER
Mayo Foundation's Medical Education and Research!
Mangosteen Xanthones Xlnt Efficacies via Medscape!
Mean value increase peripheral T-helper cell P=.020
Peripheral CD4/CD8 double-positive(DP) Frequency
T-Cell & serum complement C3, C4, IL 1alpha P=.017 & 1beta P=.04 Interleukin increases for immune system!  
Main reduction C-reactive protein concentrate(P=.014)
Here Are Answers Toward People's Health Concerns!
Have Anti-Allergy, Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial,
AntiFungal, Antihistimine & potential cancer fighter!

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Authentic-World Anti-Doping Assoc-WADA Natural!
Advanced formulas actually decrease C-Reactive Protein now!
Affects Interleukin (IL)-1alpha and Immuno-Therapy T-Cells!
Accredited weight control formula-Omegas & Protein & Carbs!
Already approved-National Football League official validation!

US Department of Medicine published PUBMED-NIH!
See this:
Strong antioxidant formula-antibacterial-anti-inflammatory!
Switch to the source of 3 in 1 Antoixodants/Vitamins/Energy!
Safe synergistic ingredients pass through Blood Brain Barrier!
See information about actual influence@international events! 

We survived severe health issues on incredible items!
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Mangosteen aka Garcinia Mangostana Medicinal Ingredients!

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Building better lives with greater health around our countries!
Backed up by Dr. Oz's own Healthy Energy Site on 3/13/2012!
Best proven as published by prestigious studies and literature!
Believe in Journal of Medicinal Foods-Agricultural Chemistry! 

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Verve Energy Drink! website Search For Verve!
Voted#1 by Physical Fitness Magazine Physician Leader 8/09.
VIP formulated ingredients improves inside muscle functions.

Verve Remix(tm) veraciously healthier-that replaces  
brands on the market containing chemical additives!
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